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About Us 

Third Floor Wentworth Chambers is home to a distinguished team of 17 barristers, comprising one senior counsel and 16 junior counsel.

Our floor members excel in an extensive array of legal domains, catering to diverse needs, from Administrative Law and Family Law to International Arbitration.

Situated on Phillip Street, our Chambers boast a prime location adjacent to the Supreme Court of NSW.


We acknowledge that our premises are on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.

Why Third Floor Wentworth Chambers?

Our floor members possess decades of experience, encompassing large and small litigation; adeptly addressing the commercial requirements of businesses; and grappling with complex family, business and succession matters.

Our clientele span a wide spectrum, ranging from individuals to multinationals, government entities, regulatory bodies, and non-profit organisations. Leveraging our background in acting for regulatory bodies equips us with unique insights when we retained to oppose them, thereby safeguarding private rights.

The floor boasts a cadre of specialists well-versed in contract, commercial, equity, property, corporate, administrative, building and construction, family, insurance and revenue law. Our purview extends beyond local matters, encompassing cross-border transactions and disputes, as well as international arbitration.

Our members possess the expertise required to ensure cases are expeditiously and advantageously presented. They consistently demonstrate their ability to provide counsel on current laws and their potential implications of legislative changes on businesses, family groups, individuals and non-profit organisations. 


Our members are known for providing practical, relevant, insightful and incisive advice. They meticulously asses and articulate risks while recognising opportunities and advantages. Once engaged, we diligently strive to comprehend and fulfil your requitements - independently, objectively, dispassionately, effectively serving your interests.

Former members

Third Floor Wentworth Chambers has carried a strong judicial
tradition since it was established in 1957.

Past floor members appointed to the Bench include:

Current Judges:
The Honourable Justice Peden

Former Judges:

The Honourable Justice Brereton AM RFD

The Honourable Justice M Tobias AM RFD QC

The Honourable Mr Justice P Young AO KC 
Vale The Honourable John P Slattery AO KGCSG QC

Vale The Honourable Peter Dent QC
Vale The Honourable Hugh W Robson QC
Vale The Honourable B R Thorley

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